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Metris kitchen mixers


Vegetables washed and prepped with absolutely no space restrictions

Metris mixers embody intelligent multi-functionality, convenience and design. They will make your kitchen chores much easier! For example, a Hansgrohe hand spray featuring different jet types. Whether you're dealing with fish or fruit: the ample-sized shower spray is ideal for thoroughly cleaning and rinsing; the normal spray fills up pots and bowls quickly and with perfect aim.

Metris Select unprecedented freedom of movement at the touch of a button

On the Metris Select kitchen mixer, the Select button assumes control: The water is turned on or off with a simple push of the button. Temperature and water volume are set on the lever handle right at the outset and remain constant.

  • Added convenience: Use the ergonomically positioned button to turn the water on and off with pinpoint accuracy while you're on the go you can even use the back of your hand or your forearm for this. Intuitive operation guarantees smooth workflows and ease of use for people of all ages. Ideal, too, when your hands are full or dirty: this keeps the mixer clean.
  • A plus for the environment: the Select technology is purely mechanical, requiring no additional electricity. Repeatedly turning the water off between work procedures also means you will consume fewer resources.
  • Greater flexibility: enjoy up to half a metre of extra elbow room at the sink unit. The Metris Select mixer with practical pull-out spout offers this. The combination of Select button and pull-out spout consolidates the work steps involved everything can be done using one hand.

Metris Select kitchen mixers


Simple is best. Metris Select will make your work processes easier, at the simple touch of a button. Available in two models: single lever kitchen mixer with swivel spout and single lever kitchen mixer with pull-out plus swivel spout.



Metris Select: turn water on and off at the touch of a button

Greater convenience, less resource consumption, sophisticated functionality


The practical pull-out function with ergonomic handle provides up to an extra 50 cm of elbow room at the sink.


Metris kitchen mixer


Perfect to hold and perfectly designed: As well as the 2-jet mixer with hand spray,  the Metris kitchen range even offers a version with a single-jet pull-out spout and one with swivel spout.



What Metris means for your kitchen:

  • The design, created by Phoenix Design gives your kitchen an alluring appeal. It is in keeping with the rectangular shape of modern sinks and provides a more sensuous experience.
  • Pull-out spray head with two jet types: the flexible mixer extension sends the water exactly where you want it to go. It is easy to grip and pull up from the front. This means that no height is lost, and even large containers can be filled up with ease.
  • Magnetic bracket: MagFit fixes the hand spray back securely in the mixer spout after use.
  • A long, ergonomic handle means that it is easy for you and other family members to use, young and old alike. Its two-dimensionality allows fingers, hands and even elbows to turn the water on or off and set the temperature precisely.
  • ComfortZone: plenty of space and a larger operating radius for performing your day-to-day kitchen chores. The swivelling spout also gives you greater freedom of movement.


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