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New Hansgrohe water savings calculator 2016

More products, better design, better environmental protection

The Hansgrohe water savings calculator is now available in a new version. This clearly shows just how resource-friendly mixers and showers are when they are equipped withHansgrohe EcoSmart technology. How many litres of water and how many kg of CO2does the product save every year? When will the purchase costs be recouped? The online and mobile tool calculates all of this in just one click. So the potential savings can be determined really quickly. Easy on the wallet, easy on the environment.

Hansgrohe water savings calculator 2016 what's new?

         Flexible design. PC, smartphone or tablet? The display of the digital tool is adapted for use on various terminal devices.

         New products. Prospective customers can check out just how eco-friendly the latest Hansgrohe products are.

         Products with CoolStart technology. In addition to basin mixers with EcoSmart, those with CoolStart are also listed.

         Integrated dealer locator. Consumers can use the postcode search to find competent sanitary businesses in their area.

         User-friendly sharing on social networks. Delighted customers can post about products' resource-conserving capabilities in a matter of seconds via Facebook, Twitter and Google+, or they can share via e-mail.

Maximum efficiency documented: the Water Efficiency Label WELL

EcoSmart is a Hansgrohe technology that has been thoroughly tried and tested. Various quality seals demonstrate how much water and energy the products actually save. For example, lots of Hansgrohe basin mixers and showers carry the European sanitation industry's top rating WELL label class A. This certifies outstanding water and energy efficiency in the home. Extremely consumer-friendly.


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We manufacture durable products predominantly in Germany


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As a Green Company, we focus on the sustainable use of resources


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Find the wash basin: bathroom taps, mixers, accessories, waste systems



For the shower: shower heads, hand showers, mixers, shower systems, thermostats, shower valves & panels


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facturer's guarantee offers long-term security


Taps and mixers for all of your bathroom and kitchen requirements

Are you looking for a high-quality tap for your wash basin or bath tub? Or are you after a new mixer for your kitchen? Or perhaps one of our elegantly designed shower heads?

At www.iran-hansgrohe.com

 you will be able to find an array of showers from showerpipes to shower heads to suit all of your bathroom needs. For more than 110 years now, Hansgrohe has embodied cutting-edge technology, emotive design and high-quality workmanship in mixers for the bathroom and kitchen made in Germany, built for life.

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